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"Color The Weather" TM WORKS!


• It will increase viewership and ratings.

• It will develop profitable tie-in sources.

• It will build loyalty among young children (Tomorrow’s television audience)

• It will reach a large new audience via in-store "Color The Weather" TM display that will be seen by your sponsor’s customers.

• It will be a profitable year-round promotion that can make your station new revenue dollars and increase your ratings.





Gerald Garrison, Garrison & Associates"Color The Weather" TM - what a great program! We have just finished our 18th year of continuous usage of this program in the Baton Rouge market. The CBS affiliate continues to thank us for choosing them as our "Color The Weather" TM station.’

San Antonio, TX; KENS- TV"Color The Weather" TM has been very successful in San Antonio for 16 years. Unlike most promotions, "Color The Weather" TM doesn’t get dated or stale over time. There’s a mutual benefit to the station and operators.’

Panama City, FL; WJHG- TV:  ‘"Color The Weather" TM is the greatest marketing the stores can have. It is a great way to get a foot in the door for a school program.’ ("Color The Weather" TM has been airing for 16 consecutive years.)


Dear Fran,


I wanted to let you know that we will definitely renew our "Color The Weather" TM promotion. We believe that it is a big win-win with our promotional partners and any market that is considering the promotion is losing out if they don’t jump in and do it!!!



Lin Frieden



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